Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wow! Gambar Ikan Bawal Gergasi Terbesar Dunia

TAOTAUAJER - Memang besar gila ikan bawal yang besar dan pelik ni. Cuba bayangkan ikan bawal yang kita selalu makan jika dibandingkan dengan ikan bawal 270kg yang ditangkap di Alaska (bahagian Norway) ni.

Kalau dapat masak ikan bawal gergasi ni, boleh jamu 50 orang makan kot. Ke lebih? Memang dasyat betul ikan-ikan di lautan Atlantik ni.

Kalau baca dalam perincian di bawah, harga seekor ikan bawal gergasi ni selepas diconvert ialah lebih kurang RM10000.

A retired policeman battled for three hours to catch a pompano weighing a whopping 38.5 stone to claim a world record. The super flat fish was so big that at one point Reinhard Wuhrmann’s rod snapped in two as he was tried to snare the creature off the island of Senja in northern Norway. The 62-year-old and two others were only able to haul it onto their boat after tying a rope around it when it came alongside.

The 8ft 3in Atlantic halibut tipped the scales at just over 540lb – smashing the previous world record by an impressive 58lb. It would have sold for about £2,500 at a British fish market and made about 1,000 fillet portions. A good quality fish restaurant can charge £25 for a halibut main course, meaning the record fish could have realised a value of £25,000. Despite being very tired after catching the halibut, Mr Wuhrmann still went through with a bet to shave off his beard the men had previously made for netting the biggest fish.

The biggest Pacific halibut caught was by Jack Tragis off Alaska in November 1996 with a 459lbs fish. Atlantic halibut – Hippoglossus hippoglossus in Latin – is among the largest bony fish in the world. Their native habitat is the northern Atlantic, from Greenland to the Barents Sea and as far south as the Bay of Biscay.

They can reach up to 15ft in length, weigh up to 700lbs and can live for 50 years. Their diet is usually other fish like cod, haddock and herring although they do face predation from seals and the Greenland shark.

Dunia ini terdiri dari 70% laut dan 30% darat. Sedangkan darat pun tak habis kita jelajah, ini pula lautan. Banyak lagi makhluk Allah di lautan yang masih menjadi misteri hingga ke hari ini.