Monday, April 18, 2011

WTF! - Lady Gaga Bunuh kucing semata-mata untuk costume

Nie lagi berita pasal Lagy Gaga yang pelik lagi memelikan...hhaha, kali ini heboh pulak pasal die bunuh kucing semata-mata untuk costume

siap ade darah-darah lagi tuh

A Lady Gaga fan in Oklahoma City allegedly killed her cat for blood for a costume inspired by the flamboyant singer.

Gaga wore fake blood at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

The Sun reported Angelina Barnes drowned the 15-year-old cat before slashing its belly and mutilating its eyes.

The cat's liver was found on a make-up case in the bathroom.

Barnes, 20, has been charged with animal cruelty and is receiving hospital treatment.

She was charged after a relative returned home and found her wearing a long coat, with her face covered in blood, ready to head to the concert.

Barnes did not attend the concert and has been diagnosed with depression.

However, neighbours said the violence was "completely out of character".

At hospital she allegedly then threatened a male nurse with a piece of glass.