Monday, July 4, 2011

PELIK! - Kucing nie Menyalak seperti ANJING [VIDEO]

TAOTAUAJER - Pelik jer satu video nieh yang tersiar dalam dimana bertajuk 'Cat that barks like a dog until it is caught and meows again'. Dimana terakam nyer seekor kucing yang menyalak seperti seekor anjing dan apabila kucing tersebut sedar dimana ia dirakam terus kucing tersebut menukar kepada bunyi kucing semula.


Ini lah kucing nyer....saksikan video rakaman pendek di bawah ini

Klakar jer kan...main-main pulak kucing nieh

in the 20-second video, our black feline friend can be seen from behind, sticking its head out of a window and making said barking noises (some have suggested the mimic is to scare off an actual canine, but we're not sure).

When it realises its owner is behind it, camera in hand, however, the cat immediately switches to making more, err, cat-like noises.
'Hahahahahahahaha that cat turned around and was like "ohh, I mean meow meow meow",' quipped YouTube viewer morganlicious24.
'Godlike,' posted fellow viewer lep930050, echoed by Eveyx1's similar invocation of the pussy's mystical presence: 'Loooool that cat is a witch'.
Meanwhile, ennaidseixirt posited simply: 'It's a dog in disguise.'
Currently sitting on more than 1.3million views on the video-sharing site, 6,000 people have 'liked' the clip and it's been picked out and highlighted in YouTube's list of trending things, indicating that it is being passed around the interwebs lots and lots and lots.
Animal experts who have examined the video say it's not unusual for cats to bark, as the sound can be made as a sort of 'forced meow'.

The moggy in the clip could well have picked up the sound from a doggy pal, they point out.

What they've also noted (the killjoys) is that there's no way the cat switched back to meowing from barking because it was embarrassed. Instead, turning its head would have reduced the energy going through the creature's airway and transformed the barking sound back into more of a meow.
We, of course, will stick with the infinitely more chucklesome belief that the cat is indeed gutted at being caught in the act, thereby bolstering our theory that cats are smarter than humans and will one day take over the world.